Domus, the complete line of Commercial Laundry Equipment.

If you need commercial laundry equipment, Domus has much to offer. 


We have a wide range of Commercial Washers (from 20 to 135 lbs) with state-of-the-art technology and the latest features to adapt to any business and requirement. Our line of washing machines includes low, medium, and high spin speed washers. Domus guarantees the highest quality washing with maximum efficiency and savings. 


The ECOTANK can recycle the wash water and minimize water consumption. 


The Heavy Professional is a robust, efficient, eco-friendly washer with great versatility, ideal for many sectors: restaurants, gyms, campsites, hotels, pet grooming, vets, etc. This machine can adapt to your small business laundry needs. 


The Commercial Dryers line includes a wide range of high-performance machines with numerous features included as reverse drum standard, Smart Moisture Control, Smart air recovery system, heat insulation, axial-radial airflow, double glazing on the door (heat insulation), anti-wrinkle cooling system, stainless steel drum, fire suppression system and more.


Domus equipment is versatile, and you can configure the same machine for use in self-service or OPL environments.


Regarding maintenance, Domus machines have easy access to all the components.

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