The most efficient commercial dryers on the market

The Domus commercial laundry dryers

Domus presents one of the most efficient dryers on the market with numerous features making it a highly advanced machine, reliable, ergonomic, and the perfect partner for the Domus washers. 

Domus dryers are available in different capacities, from 25 to 80 lb, with a series of great features like:

  • TOUCH II touchscreen control with unlimited programs.
  • Smart air recovery system to save energy.
  • Insulated panels to prevent heat losses and to ensure heat insulation.
  • Smart moisture control to optimize the drying cycle.
  • Stainless steel drum with recessed perforations for more gentle treatment of garments.
  • Built-in fire suppression system.
  • The COOLDOWN system to minimize wrinkles.
  • Wide door for easy loading. And many more. 

The double drum dryers are perfect for laundromats.

Domus designed the new range of double drum dryers to optimize the space in laundromats. The stack dryers have all the features of the single-drum dryers and the option to select between 25 and 35 lb capacity per drum. These high-technology machines are perfect for OPL or coin laundries.

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