The Domus industrial washer and the ECOTANK: efficiency and water savings at the same time

The ECOTANK water recovery tank 

The ECOTANK water recovery tanks are designed to save energy and reuse water in each wash. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 tanks each with a capacity of 80 or 150 litres, depending on the model of industrial washer that you use, including the barrier washers. Easy to install and can be connected to any Domus washer with the TOUCH II microprocessor.

This modern water recovery system will allow you to recover and reuse 70% of the water from each wash.

The tanks are made of high density polyethylene and are removable, easy-to-handle and simple to clean. They are equipped with sensors which monitor the water levels at any moment. Each tank has a connection for the intake and outlet of the water which also serves as a steam exhaust and drain.

ECOTANK: the ideal way to recycle water and contribute to improving the future of our planet 

Deciding to install an ECOTANK on your industrial and professional washer is, without a doubt, a very smart decision. At Domus we are committed to the future and we aim to develop equipment which helps to create a sustainable present. The water recovery tank is proof of this. For further information, if you have any queries or would like more direct and personal advice, please contact Domus using the contact form on this Web page and one of their representatives will be in touch. It's that simple!

Be assured that an ECOTANK should be seen as a necessary investment and not an expense for any industrial laundry from the 21st century. The welfare of the planet and of the environment, the savings in energy and the reuse of water are factors which may help you to stand out in your zone and, without a doubt, will become an added value for your business.


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