5 ways Domus TOUCH II control will help your business stand out from the competition


Offering a modern laundry experience will increase user satisfaction and attract new customers. TOUCH II is the most advanced control on the market. It integrates the simplicity of a digital interface with advanced machine programming to upgrade the laundry activity. 

1. Large, user-friendly touchscreen.

TOUCH II has an easy-to-use and customer-friendly 7" touchscreen. It is very intuitive, so customers quickly learn how to use it. TOUCH II allows to upload and play videos for instructions or advertising. The TOUCH II control comes with 37 languages to choose from.

2. Fully programmable

TOUCH II lets you create infinite programs and cycles. Customize or modify your programs to attract more customers while driving up your revenue.

3Set promotions and discounts automatically

Make the laundromat more rewarding for customers and more profitable for you during slow business times. With TOUCH II, you can adjust pricing according to your peak hours of operations and automatically activate time-of-day promotions and discounts to promote usage.

4. Works with multiple payment systems

Domus TOUCH II is prepared to work with coins, tokens, or any external payment system. 

5. Remote Connectivity

Coming soon, full remote connectivity. Through an app, TOUCH II allows your customers to make payments, receive promotions, reserve machines, know the status of their laundry, and many more features that will create the ultimate laundry experience.

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